Hi friends and future friends! I'm Clare - mother to (Ground) BreakingBread, a Portland based little bread business founded in principle that everyone should be able to break bread, even those with sensitive tummies. Find out more on my BREAD page.

In addition to kneading dough, I am a Portland native, yoga and meditation instructor, women's health and wellness advocate, recipe experimenter, health and wellness nerd, writer/drawer, tiny-home-dweller and twenty something-er.

This little online space I've created is currently home to my small business, but it also serves as home to recipes of yummy food I've been cooking, reviews on current health and wellness practices I'm trying out, videos and help guides for yoga and meditation practices, as well as years of travel thoughts, edits, documentations and bizarre moments accumulated over the past five years while low-key globe trotting.

I am so excited to share with you my current little life coming at you LIVE from Portland, as well as virtual stories of my past - from Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Spain, France, Hungary, Morocco, Australia, New Zealand, Oregon, Washington, and California. I have currently planted my travel feet back on my beloved Upper West Coast. Lets connect, break bread, flow, meditate, and workshop together!